Weekend Reading #2

3 Myths About Exercise and Pregnancy (Johns Hopkins Medicine)
Advocating for exercise during pregnancy is definitely something that is changing, but not fast enough, in my opinion.  We need to help pregnant women realize the health benefits of exercise and provide them with some guidance on exercise prescription (just like we would any other patients).

Stiff, but not stiff stiff… by Adam Meakins
Maybe its because I just happened to be talking about perceived hamstring tightness to some of my students early this week, but I really appreciated this post about structural vs protective stiffness.  Treatment should change based on the type of tightness with which we are dealing.

Defining Something That Is Sometimes Indefinable by Kory Zimney (Modern Manual Therapy)
Pain’s subjective nature can make it very difficult to truly understand.  Kory highlights some recent research that suggests maybe its time to update the 50-year-old definition to consider more of pain’s impact on our patients’ lives.

This last one is not something I read, but rather a podcast episode that I listened to and immediately felt moved to take action.  I have certainly wrestled with the question of what do you do with suspected cases of abuse (especially in a high school setting).  The answer was simple: create procedures and utilize the resources available to you.  This is definitely worth the listen:

The AT as a Mandated Reporter – 336

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