Weekend Reading #3

Just three web articles again this week.  Things are starting to wind down at work as we approach the end of the school year, so hopefully I will have more time to read blog posts.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this broad range of topics in only three installments.

All Aboard the Surgery Bandwagon by Adam Meakins
It seems like Adam is quickly becoming a staple in the weekend reading. I find that his posts challenge my own beliefs and behaviors, and I appreciate getting out of that confirmation bias sinkhole from time to time.  In this post, Adam challenges the growing trend of disparaging the work of orthopedic surgeons without truly sound evidence.  It is true that one research study does not often make for a definitive answer.

New Advice to Move More After Concussion by Gretchen Reynolds (NY Times)
Many of us who work with concussed patients on a regular basis definitely saw this new recommendation coming, but it is nice to see that it is quickly disseminating into major news sources.  I do wish the article put a little more emphasis on the need for symptom monitoring and the role that athletic trainers can play in concussion recovery.

At The Barre Part 1 by Luke Abnett (BJSM Blog)
I don’t know why I find ballet sports medicine so fascinating, but I do.  Maybe it is because I am completely flabbergasted by the movement abilities and feats of strength/balance among ballet performers.  Regardless, this is a quick intro into the unique world of ballet sports medicine.

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