Weekend Reading #4

Once again, we have a broad range of article topics to read this weekend.  While I try to focus on things that can be taken back to the clinic, I also included a brief article about the World Health Organization’s new focus on physical activity to promote global health.  I really enjoyed reading these article and gained a lot from them, I hope you do to!

6 Keys to Shoulder Instability Rehabilitation by Mike Reinold
Mike outlines six factors to consider when designing a shoulder instability rehabilitation program.

Pec Tears in CrossFit Regionals: Lessons in Training Volume & Injury Prevention by Zach Long
Zach talks about finding the sweet spot in training volume by looking at research focused on the acute:chronic workload ratios and how this might help prevent injury in competition.

World Health Organization to Develop Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity (BJSM)
As a part of the Global Goals campaign, WHO is highlighting goal #3 (good health) by developing a plan to promote physical activity as a key component to global health outcomes. They point out that it will also help achieve several other global goals by creating networks, increasing public spending, and reducing inequality.

Should Athletic Trainers Add Anxiety Surveys to Preseason Baseline Testing? (Sports Medicine Research)
I am a big fan of adding depression screening to pre-participation screenings as mental health is often ignored until it progresses to points that should be prevented.  With findings that 46% of male and 53% of female athletes reported anxiety and/or depression symptoms, this research not only strengthened my resolve, but also convinced me to add anxiety screening as well.

New Guidelines Advise Against Arthroscopy for Nearly All Degenerative Knees (Physiospot)
Before we get out the pitchforks, the key word is nearly.  However, this is good evidence that we should probably be exhausting conservative treatment efforts before opting for surgery.

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