Weekend Reading #7

Some really great reads this week that take a look at whether our treatments are actually working, how to use (and explain) foam rolling and its potential benefits, and the science and clinical application of heart rate variability.

Why Treatments Appear To Work by Adam Meakins
Adam is taking a look at all the reasons why treatment may appear to work, when the reality is that we just sold the patient a bottle of snake oil.  I think we all need a good gut check from time to time to ask whether we are providing the most physiologically, psychologically and cost effective treatment that we can.

Suck Less At Foam Rolling by Chris Gai & Madison Franek (Evidence-Based Movement via The Barbell Physio)
A good post that debunks some myths about foam rolling while also providing some practical applications for it.

Heart Rate Variability (Science For Sport)
A fascinating article about Heart Rate Variability and how it can be applied in athletics.  I find the potential for its use in injury prevention to be incredible interesting.

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